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Sydney based fibreglass plunge pool experts with over 30 years of building experience.

Our fibreglass plunge pools are designed for the modern Sydney home, where backyard space is at a premium. Kinetic Pools has installed pools in hundreds of homes across Sydney, and have brought enjoyment and good memories to many Australian families.

We manufacture all of our pool shells locally in NSW. Not only are they engineered to last a lifetime, but our pools utilise the latest technologies and come with multiple lifetime guarantees to give you peace of mind.


Manufactured locally


Highest quality installation


Multiple lifetime warranties

Our Fibreglass Plunge Pool Range

See our wide range of fibreglass swimming pools:

Lucy Fibreglass Plunge Pool Shell, Our Flagship Model

The Lucy is the perfect pool shell for those who want a modern pool to bring life to their backyard. It comes in four different sizes which can accommodate a wide variety of homes.

Kasey Shell, For More Narrow Backyards

The Kasey is a great choice for those who have a more narrow backyard. Similar to the Lucy, it is a beautiful modern design but just runs slightly more narrow which can give more room for outdoor living areas and help create your dream backyard.

Jake Shell, Perfect For Small Backyards

The Jake is exemplary for small backyards, allowing your backyard to truly come to life. It boasts a shallow to deep design, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

Jude Shell, Same Depth Throughout

The Jude is the optimal choice for those with medium to small backyards. This pool is exquisite, and is a great choice for those who want to be able to stand on every side of the pool as it is the same depth throughout the entire shell.

Napoleon Shell, For Health And Relaxation

The Napoleon is a great choice for those who want to have some more relaxation time in their life. This spa shell is a great pairing with your plunge pool and has all the features you need to enjoy and relax in the comfort of your home.

Become Familiar With Plunge Pools

What is a plunge pool?

Plunge pools are quickly becoming a very popular choice for homeowners that are looking for a cheaper and more space efficient way to improve their backyards. Their compact size makes it very convenient for homeowners with smaller backyards as it does not hinder the landscaping design, giving them more stylistic freedom.

Plunge pools are smaller shells designed with leisure in mind rather than serious swimming. Most shells have steps that act as benches, which is perfect for relaxing and staying cool on a hot summer's day.

Plunge pools vary in size, ranging anywhere from 2-7 metres in length, and 2-3 metres in width. They are mostly shallow in their design, although there are some shells that are deeper which is better for those who are more interested in exercise and rehabilitation.


Transform Your Backyard

Why plunge pools are a great choice.

When choosing a pool for your home, oftentimes size is a major factor in determining what is right for you. For a long time, small backyards have not had the luxury of acquiring both a beautiful pool and amazing landscaping. Plunge pools have made this possible, with their compact size, making a smaller backyard look complete has become much easier, allowing homeowners to have the backyard of their dreams.

Not only does having a plunge pool in your backyard allow for some much needed relaxation and leisure time during the Australian hot summer days, it also adds value to your property, and all this for a cheaper price than a regular pool. Plunge pools are also much easier to maintain due to their smaller size in comparison to a regular pool. This is also true for the running costs of owning a pool.

One of the biggest draws of having a plunge pool is that they are a great option for aquatic rehabilitation. Their shape and size make it a great option as it can also be installed indoors.

Cheap And Affordable Option

How much does a plunge pool cost?

Although plunge pools are smaller than regular pools, the same process is required to install them. This means that costs will be similar, the only difference being the amount of work done with regards to excavation, soil removal, tipping fees and fencing will be less due to the smaller size.

High quality fibreglass plunge pools have an average cost of anywhere between $40,000 to $50,000 depending on the size and features added, which includes both supply and installation.


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Our plunge pools are perfect for the modern Sydney home.

We specialise in the installation of plunge pools ranging from 2 metres to 7 metres in length. A compact design is a perfect choice for a backyard in Sydney where space is at a premium.

Want to speak to a professional about sizing and customisation options for your swimming pool? Get in touch with us today!